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THE tragic life of Marioara (Maria) Rostas came to a terrible end not long after she was picked up in a car being driven by a feared gangland criminal in broad daylight on a busy Dublin street.

Marioara (18) -- a member of the Roma community -- had been begging in the East Lombard Street area on January 6, 2008 where she had also worked as a prostitute.

The teenager had only been in Ireland for several weeks at when she was abducted. Her family came here from Romania to beg. They and a number of other Roma families lived in squalid conditions at a derelict house in Corballis West, Donabate, north Co Dublin.

Marioara's parents and her younger brother, who are from Timisoara, flew to Dublin on Ryanair flights at some stage in the middle of 2007.

Marioara joined them later on December 7, 2007 -- it would be her last month alive.

The teenager spent most of her days begging in Dublin city centre before travelling back to the house in Donabate which gardai said was "kept in an appalling way". She was begging with her younger brother on Lombard Street in the south city on a Sunday afternoon in January 2008.


A dark-haired man pulled over in a silver Ford Mondeo and Marioara approached him for money. Her brother watched as he rolled down his window to chat to his sister.

When he saw her get into the car, he went over to see what was going on.

The driver gave him €10 and although he couldn't understand exactly what was said, the boy heard the word "McDonald's" and assumed the motorist was taking his sister for something to eat.

She managed to make one chilling phone call the day after she disappeared.

She called a brother back in Romania, because none of her family in Dublin had mobile phones. One theory that detectives have examined is whether Marioara was brought to a house in Northern Ireland where she was sexually exploited by the chief suspect in the murder case.

When she made the brief panicked phone call to her brother, she indicated to him that she had travelled in a car for over 100 kilometres.

During the brief panicked phone call, the tragic teenager also revealed that she "had been violated by men".


At the time, one of the chief suspect's closest associates was based at a house in Newry, Co Down, and officers have been probing if Mariora was brought to that house to be "serviced" by this criminal.

After this happened, it is understood that the girl was driven back to Dublin to a house on Brabazon Street in the south inner city. While there her terror ordeal continued and she is understood to have been shot dead in an upstairs room by the psychotic gangland criminal or an associate.

Another prominent theory is that Marioara was never brought to Northern Ireland -- but her nightmarish ordeal only occurred at the house in Braba-zon Street.

Yesterday's massive breakthrough in the Wicklow Mountains will hopefully go a long way towards helping gardai piece together the her last moments.