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Players paint town Blue all night long

THEY waited 16 years -- so it will come as no surprise that members of Dublin's All-Ireland winning team celebrated their victory all night long.

While the majority of the team did retire to their beds in the early hours of this morning, jubilant Dubs Stephen Cluxton, Bernard Brogan and Michael Fitzsimons were still up at the crack of dawn toasting their team's success.

The trio were in the lobby of the Burlington Hotel after their breakfast, not having gone to bed at all.

"Is it morning already?" asked Fitzsimons with a laugh. "I thought it was still yesterday. We still can't believe it. It's going to be a great week."

Both Cluxton and Brogan were still walking on air following yesterday's victory.

"The party only ended at 7am, these guys have some stamina," said a hotel source.

"And they were fit for breakfast as well. But they deserve a party, fair play to them."

Meanwhile former boxer Bernard Dunne was also enjoying the celebrations.

Tourists in the hotel with no idea about the All-Ireland were bemused by the antics, asking staff what the celebrations were.

Later on, Brogan and Cluxton were spotted outside the Boar's Head on Capel Street, with well-wishers shouting words of congratulations or blowing their horns in approval.