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Plans to force us to display house numbers

HOMEOWNERS could be forced to display street numbers on their houses.

Dublin City Council is investigating whether it can compel owners to display street numbers, after the issue was raised by its transport committee.

"We'll certainly have a report back on the feasibility of it," city executive Brian White said after members showed strong support for the plan.

The local authority's law agent advised the council that their officials do have the power to implement it.

Fine Gael's Edie Wynne had asked the council to require "all buildings on the streets" of the city to "clearly display their street and road numbers".

"It really is in the context of both the city and the suburbs. In the suburbs you have big housing estates," she said. "You can be at number one here and you look across the road and you're at number 226, if there's a number on it at all.

"It would be of particular help to emergency services and to people making deliveries or tourists looking for a venue."

Labour councillor Michael O'Sullivan described the plan as "sensible" but confessed he does not have a number on his own door as it is a No 13.

Fine Gael's Paddy McCartan, who does not have a number either for the same reason, praised his colleague's idea.

Nevertheless, questions have been raised over how the council would enforce the scheme.

Labour's Aine Clancy also backed the plan, though feels "uncomfortable" about forcing people to display numbers.

She suggested street names could include a number range on each side of the road as an alternative plan.

The Lord Mayor, Andrew Montague, told a meeting of the transport committee that the legibility of Dublin street signs are poor when compared to other countries.