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Plans for cabbies to be guides for capital


Dublin taxis. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Dublin taxis. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Dublin taxis. Photo: Caroline Quinn

TAXI drivers from across Dublin are set to double up as tour guides for British visitors as part of a plan being rolled out by Failte Ireland.

Drivers have been given a dedicated briefing on the large scale events planned for the city by tourism chiefs and event organisers.

The talk, organised by Failte Ireland, took place at the Radisson Hotel at Dublin Airport yesterday. Drivers were told how they could play a part and benefit from being informed on events that will take place.



Representatives of some of the upcoming major events addressed the drivers.

The three main Dublin events discussed at the meeting were:

* A three-day festival celebrating Bram Stoker from October 26 to 28;

* The two-day web summit conference due to be attended by 12,000 people;

* New Year's Eve, a four-day festival celebrating the end of The Gathering from December 29 to January 1.

The pilot project, called Dublin Now, is being rolled out by Failte Ireland and the National Transport Authority.

The idea has been aimed at repositioning Dublin as a destination that will grow its visitor base by attracting young adventurers from Great Britain.

"Taxi drivers can often be the first point of contact and have the ability to leave a very positive impression of Dublin in the minds of the visitors," project chief Kevin Moriarty said.

The tourism and hospitality industry employs an estimated 185,000 people and generates almost €5.7bn in revenue a year.