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Plans afoot for new state-of-art skate park

A STATE-of -the-art skateboarding park is being proposed for Fairview Park -- as skaters claim they're sick of being called a nuisance.

Dublin City Council (DCC) says the park will be aimed at skaters from 8-11 years unlike in other city parks, such as Bushy Park, where facilities are used by teenagers.

The DCC received over 90 submissions from the public about its €800,000 improvements to Fairview Park.

Cllr Deirdre Heney (below) said: "We got the go-ahead to install a new playground and part of the idea is to have a skate park. It continuously comes up with youngsters on the doorsteps.

"They can't skate anywhere because they're being told to go away and they're always being told that it's annoying."

The main improvements to the park are new sports changing rooms and a family-orientated area which includes a playground and an open performance area.

The tender process for the improvement works is now in full swing, and DCC says it is unable to give an estimated completion date yet.

Cllr Aodhan O Riordan said: "The plans are ongoing and there have been a number of meetings with residents in Ballybough and Fairview.

"We're trying to make something really special for Fairview that will last a long time. We're going to make it family friendly."