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Planners may pull plug on Bannon's backyard bathtub


Council has file on Dermot Bannon’s garden works. Photo: ScreenGrabs

Council has file on Dermot Bannon’s garden works. Photo: ScreenGrabs

Council has file on Dermot Bannon’s garden works. Photo: ScreenGrabs

Dermot Bannon thought he had everything covered when he installed an outdoor bathtub at the bottom of his garden - apart from planning permission.

Now the country's most famous home renovator is worrying that planners will pour cold water on his dream of hot soaks in the country's most famous bathroom fixture.

Bannon's backyard bathtub was the finishing touch to the €600,000 refurbishment he carried out in full view of a massive TV audience on his family home in Drumcondra.


Dublin City Council planners were less impressed and opened an enforcement file and issued a warning letter telling him to get his house in order. The problem appears not so much with the bathtub, but with the elaborate shelter he erected to protect himself from getting drenched while soaking.

He has submitted an application to the council to retain two storage sheds, plus the roof and canopy he laid on top of them which covers the space between them and extends out over a path on which the hefty iron tub sits.

A city council spokesman said: "I can confirm that there is an enforcement file open on this, a warning letter did issue, and investigations are ongoing."

So far, no members of the public have filed objections and planners are due to make their decision next month.

Bannon was not directly reachable for comment.

It's not the first time he's had to placate the planners in working on his family's forever home.

Shortly after buying the Valentia Road property in 2018, he applied for permission for extensive alterations that raised eyebrows among some local residents, resulting in him having to trim the main extension.

Things didn't go swimmingly in the renovation process either as, after spending €895,000 buying the house, he found his €350,000 refurbishment budget wasn't enough and would have to almost double.


However, after 12 seasons of Room To Improve, Bannon is far from wet behind the ears when it comes to the trials and tribulations of turning paper plans into concrete reality.

Viewers last month saw him grinning delightedly in his bathtub, surveying the completed job on his house and garden with pleasure, so it's unlikely he'll throw the towel in easily now.