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PJ laughs off danger after 3rd bike race crash

COMEDIAN PJ Gallagher has cheated death yet again after being involved in his third motorbike crash in a matter of months.

As our exclusive images reveal, the Naked Camera star (34) was taking part in a Valentine's Day charity race at Mondello Park when he crashed into a tyre wall.

Gallagher (34), who took part in the event to raise funds for Dublin's Rape Crisis Centre, explained how he suffered some minor injuries to his arm following the frightening incident.

However unlike the injuries he suffered last year, PJ says that he was lucky this time because he will not have to undergo surgery.

"My hand is a bit battered, but it's all good," he said. "I crashed into a tyre wall on the Honda 50.

"I've broken my collar bone in one accident and damaged my ankle in another fall so badly that I needed surgery, so I think I got off lightly.

"Both of them were up in Mondello Park in Naas. I have a pretty bad reputation up there. The first accident I had was last March.

"I was coming around a corner as fast as I could when I just lost the back of the bike in the wet," he said.

Just a few weeks later, at another race in Mondello, PJ was again hurt after falling off his bike.

According to the Dublin funnyman: "It was a high-side accident where the bike springs off the ground and throws you in the air like a horse would. I went up about 10ft in the air. I don't know how I came down in one piece, but I did."

He added: "It was a miracle that I only ended up damaging my ankle which I chipped."

PJ had keyhole surgery in January to repair the injury and is now getting back to normality.

The star spent over a year honing his biking skills in a bid to qualify for The Mondello Masters, the biggest race in the south of Ireland each year, for the RTE show Back In The Saddle, which aired at Christmas.

PJ took advice from Joey Dunlop's former mechanic, Mark Kelly, and after months of hard work was asked to start fifth on the grid in the big race.

The comic went on to finish 22nd in the first race, 22nd again in the second race and 24th in the third race.

The ex-courier is adamant that the injuries will not put him off motorbike racing in the future and says he plans to continue building on his success in 2010.