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Pirate radio DJ held guns for King Ratt gang

A source told the Herald: "Mulligan is lucky to get away with a suspended sentence. The fact is that serious criminals need people without convictions to hold items for them, including semi-automatic weapons, the gangland gun of choice.

"When the clean front is caught, the real mobsters leave them hanging out to dry. That's exactly what King Ratt's crew did in this case."

Kildare native Mulligan was described in court last week as a "gilly" who received €300 to safeguard the weapons haul.

Mulligan, from Sunnyhill, Castlemartin Lodge, Kilcullen, pleaded guilty to possessing a gun, a semi-automatic pistol and silencer and a Derringer 6mm calibre blank firing pistol and ammunition.


The weapons were believed to have been brought into the country along with a drug shipment organised by the King Ratt mob.

The haul was discovered in a rucksack in a pirate radio station at Dolphin Road, Dolphin's Barn on October 21, 2009 at the height of the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud which has claimed at least 16 lives.

He also pleaded guilty to simple possession of 400 BZP (Benzylpiperazine) tablets at the same place and date; At the time of the raid the tablets were being sold legally in head shops.

When gardai raided the pirate radio station, they discovered firearms and ammunition wrapped individually in socks in the holdall bag.

Garda tests revealed that the weapons were primed for use.

Mulligan said he had been holding the sports bag for someone he met at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and that this person had given him €300. He denied knowing the bag's contents.

He said he had bought the 400 tablets for himself but had mislaid them until gardai found them in a front pocket of a rucksack at the premises.

During the raid, €1,800 in cash belonging to Mulligan was also discovered.

The prosecuting garda accepted Mulligan's explanation for acquiring the bag and agreed he had been a "gilly" in the enterprise.

He agreed Mulligan hasn't come to garda attention since, had no convictions prior to the incident, had no assets and had rented the premises for the pirate radio station by pooling €50 a week with other DJs.

Judge Yvonne Murphy said she was satisfied the crime was "out-of-character" for Mulligan, whom she thought deserved a chance considering it was his first offence. She suspended the full sentence for three years.

The raid on the pirate radio station came as part of Operation Gem which targeted large drug trafficking gangs, including the King Ratt gang in Crumlin, across the country in January 2009.


Gem was masterminded from Garda headquarters and included personnel from five Garda specialist units, along with local personnel and the Criminal Assets Bureau.

The Dolphin's Barn operation was carried out by the Garda National Drugs Unit and the Kevin Street drugs unit.

In Operation Gem, homes and offices in counties Dublin, Wexford, Cavan, Galway, Wicklow and Mayo were raided.

Several offices of accountants and solicitors were also raided and gardai took away a huge haul of legal files and documentation for detailed examination by forensic experts.

A number of computers were seized along with an air pistol, cocaine and cannabis and €70,000 in cash during the raids.

Over €15m has seized as part of Operation Gem.