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Pipe bombs dumped on estate green

GARDAI believe a criminal got "freaked out" and dumped a bag containing three viable pipe bombs on a green in Tallaght after a number of houses in the area were searched.

The searches were being carried out in Cushlawn Estate by officers investigating the shooting of local man James Campbell (21) last weekend.

Sources believe that with the increased garda activity in the area earlier this week, a criminal decided to get rid of the bombs and left them in a bag on a green.


However, this sparked a bizarre turn of events when a local man who was out walking spotted the bag and decided to take it home with him.

When he got to his house in the estate, he placed the bag under the stairs.

A short time later, he told his wife about finding the bag, and the couple then noticed the pipe bombs.

Gardai were alerted and the bag was again placed on the green.

Officers then called the army's explosive ordnance disposal division after inspecting the suspect devices.

The bomb squad arrived at the scene at 8.30pm and examined the pipe bombs which were understood to be around 12 inches long and made of copper tubing.

Several nearby houses were evacuated while the operation to deal with the devices was carried out.

The pipe bombs were deemed to be viable and were rendered safe at the scene before 10pm without the need for a controlled explosion.

Meanwhile, shooting victim Mr Campbell is making a good recovery after being shot in the leg last Sunday night.

There have been no arrests so far in the case, and yesterday the victim contacted the Herald and insisted that the shooting was not linked to a bitter local drugs dispute.

Mr Campbell discharged himself from hospital shortly before 10pm on Sunday, only two hours after being admitted.

He did not make a formal statement to gardai after the incident, and officers have not yet traced the getaway car used in the attack.

Mr Campbell told the Herald: "I was just walking into my house when a car pulled up and I heard a voice saying, 'Is that him?'


"Then I heard the gun go off. One bang.

"I don't know where they were aiming, but it hit me in the side of the knee.

"The doctors told me the bullet had gone right through my knee. I walked out of there, though."

The victim said he was given painkillers and patched up before leaving hospital.

He added that he did not know whey he had been targeted.