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Pipe bomb is found in public park bin

COUNCIL workers had a lucky escape when they found a viable pipe bomb in a park bin.

The contents of bins were being processed for recycling in Tymon Park in Tallaght when the explosive device was discovered.

A council spokeswoman said today an employee found "a suspicious item" and alerted his supervisor.

Gardai were called to the popular Dublin park who immediately called in army bomb disposal experts.

The bomb squad examined the device as the park was cordoned off and traffic restrictions were put in place.


The experts found it to be a "viable" explosive device but they were able to remove it from the scene without a controlled explosion.

Security sources said today the pipe bomb may have been left in a bin in the park to be collected later by a criminal accomplice as part of a plan to carry out an attack on a rival gang.

It is also believed that the persons who made the device may have decided not to use it and to dump it, thereby placing innocent lives in danger.

Council employees were reluctant to talk about the dangerous find at the park which is frequented by large numbers of children and adults each day.

The bomb disposal team arrived at the park at 3pm yesterday. An army spokesman said an assessment of the pipebomb was carried out at a safe military location.

"The component parts of the improvised explosive device have been handed over to the gardai to assist in their investigation into the incident," he said.

The scene was declared safe at 4pm and the safety cordons in the park were removed.