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Pipe-bomb gang targets murder trial man's home

A Dublin man who was cleared of a murder charge was targeted in a pipe-bomb attack at the weekend.

The family home of 20-year-old Karl Fay -- who was shot in the stomach in a south Dublin park earlier this year -- was the main target of the attack.

A bomb containing a timer and detonator was thrown through a back window of the house at Lismore Road in Crumlin shortly before midnight on Friday.

No one was injured in the attack, which led to the house being evacuated.


Earlier Fay and two of his close associates were allegedly chased through Crumlin by a gunman. Fay and his associates were forced to go into Crumlin Garda Station -- but then refused to make a statement about the incident to officers.

Gardai then seized a car that Fay and his associates were travelling in.

Sources say that Friday night's attack at the house on Lismore Road followed several attacks on the property.

Because of previous shooting incidents there, it is understood special bullet-proof glass has been installed.

Karl Fay had spent several months away from Ireland after being warned that his life was under threat.

He only returned to the capital in recent weeks.

He was almost murdered when shot in a park in leafy Milltown, south Dublin, last April.

After being targeted in the incident, the young man stumbled into the well-known Dropping Well pub covered in blood and fell on the floor in front of dozens of shocked customers.

He made a full recovery after spending weeks in hospital.

Sources believe Fay knows the identity of his attackers but has declined to give gardai a statement about it.

Despite this, several arrests have been made in the case and sources believe that those responsible for targeting Fay will do so again.

Fay and an associate had been previously charged with the July 2008 murder of a man in Crumlin, who died after being beaten with a snooker cue and a golf club.

However, the trial collapsed at the Central Criminal Court in 2009, after a 12-year-old key witness said he was unable to identify the killers.