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Pick up a penguin... in zoo's gay shock

A CANADIAN zoo is splitting up a pair of male penguins whose affection has drawn headlines and jokes about "Brokeback Iceberg".

The African penguins have shared the nest they built since coming to the zoo about a year ago. But since the penguins are an endangered species, officials at Toronto Zoo plan to separate Pedro and Buddy so they can mate with females.

The pair has what's known as a "social bond," but it's not necessarily sexual, Tom Mason, the zoo's curator of birds and invertebrates, said.

The zoo has received hundreds of calls about the pair. Mason said he even got a call from someone claiming to represent a group called the Canadian Society for Gay Animals. Such a group could not immediately be located.

But it's really not the way it looks, Mason said.

"Penguins are so social they need that... company. And the group they came from was a bachelor group waiting for a chance to be paired up with females," said Mason.

Buddy, who is 21, had a female partner for 10 years and produced some offspring with her, but then his partner died, Mason said.

Pedro, 10, has yet to produce offspring.