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Phones to be checked in probe over Chloe

GARDAI inquiring into the suicide of schoolgirl Chloe Coleman have asked local teenagers to hand over their mobile phones.

Officers are interviewing the teens as part of a probe into the death of Chloe (13) who took her own life just over a week ago.

The children have been asked to voluntarily hand over their phones during the interviews.


Her grandfather, Oliver Coleman, has claimed she was bullied by a number of local teenagers. Claims have emerged that Chloe had been bullied in the lead-up to her suicide and it is alleged she was assaulted at a teen disco just days before she died.

Chloe received a threatening text message the day after the disco, according to reports. She is reported to have received a text warning her she would get "some more" on Monday morning.

One of her friends told a newspaper Chloe sent "goodbye texts" to a few people before she killed herself.