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Phone gives away teenager

A TEENAGER, who was arrested for travelling in a stolen car after gardai found his mobile phone in the vehicle, has been remanded on bail pending sentence.

The boy (17) pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to being a passenger in a stolen car on August 23 last at Loughlinstown Drive, in south Co Dublin.

"During an examination a phone was found under the passenger seat and there was a call from this phone to his mother," a garda said.

Judge Clare Leonard adjourned the case until then for a probation report to be obtained. The boy was remanded on continuing bail.

€25k for pool scar schoolgirl

A schoolgirl, whose left foot was permanently scarred following a swimming pool accident, has been awarded €25,000 in damages against a top school.

Hollie McNevin, of Walkinstown Park, Dublin, had caught her foot on a broken plastic drain in the shower, and had to receive eight stitches in the emergency department of Crumlin Hospital.

Judge Joseph Mathews approved a settlement offer of €25,390 from the college.

Body found in volcano crater

The body of a veteran climber who fell 1,500ft into the crater on top of Mount St Helens, in the US State of Washington, was recovered after he spent more than a day in the snow.

Clouds and wind had hampered efforts to reach Joseph Bohlig (52) who was posing for a picture on the rim of the dormant crater on Monday when a snow overhang gave way and he fell into the volcano.

Guinea pigs go on the menu

Humanitarians have been unable to end years of recurring hunger in conflict-torn Congo, but a Colombian research group says it may have found another way to fill hungry bellies -- with guinea pigs.

The small rodents could provide war-battered villages with "a much-needed source of protein and micro-nutrients in a country with some of the highest incidences of malnutrition in the world", according to the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture.