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Phoenix Park gets royal makeover before queen's visit

DUBLIN'S Phoenix Park is eventually getting its many potholes filled -- and it's thanks to the English queen's visit.

Chesterfield Avenue -- the main road through the Phoenix Park -- has been in appalling condition for several months.

But the Office of Public Works (OPW) has sanctioned repair works so that the avenue will be up to standard before Queen Elizabeth II arrives next month.

Although the OPW said it was due to start short-term repairs to potholes in the area this year, it is a timely coincidence that the €90,000 work is hoped to be completed before the queen's visit on May 20.

OPW staff acknowledged that the road had deteriorated significantly since the cold weather and freezing conditions of November and December last year.

An OPW spokesperson said: "The road in its current state was not designed for the volume of vehicular traffic that it has experienced in recent years."

He added that "the road's current volume is believed to be in excess of 30,000 vehicles a day".

Given "the urgency" of the works, five companies were invited to tender for the job which is being carried out by SIAC.

The Garden of Remembrance is also due a revamp. "As with all State visits the site will be cleaned up -- including some repainting of the metalwork and flagpoles, and redoing the bronze at the entrance. New flags and flower planters will also be put in place.

"No structural work is to be carried out," said the spokesperson. "This work is being carried out by OPW staff so the cost will be minimal."