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Phoenix Park floods spell grief ahead of Stone Roses concert

FLOODING on the main artery of Phoenix Park has been causing grief to park users -- ahead of a summer concert series.

Walkers and joggers saw gushing water and flooding all along the pedestrian path of Chesterfield Avenue, after heavy rainfall this week.

International rock acts the Stone Roses and Snow Patrol will be playing at the venue next Thursday and Saturday.

But after Wednesday night's heavy rainfall, members of the public had to abandon using the paths on the main stretch.

Dublin City Council has said the excess water is surface water caused by the recent heavy rain after their engineers investigated the problem.

Extensive works were already carried out on Chesterfield Avenue at the end of last year, taking four months.

Local councillor, Fianna Fail's David McGuinness has urged the Office of Public Works, which manages Phoenix Park, to investigate the matter fully. "In all my time living in this area I've never experienced flooding there, and given that works were just completed in the area I think there's a merit in the fact that the Office of Public Works should look into the problem," he said.

"The OPW should carry out a preliminary investigation to see if there was a change in the water flow when the works were done.

"It's a worrying sign. Chesterfield Avenue is a main artery for traffic from West Dublin into the city centre."

One jogger in the park yesterday told the Herald: "It was a bit of an ordeal jogging in the park this morning. I usually jog up the pedestrian path along Chesterfield Avenue but it was impossible this morning with all the water sloshing about.

"Some other runners and walkers were trying to make their way around the large puddles and I just couldn't be bothered and headed for a jog around to where the zoo is instead.

"At the start of one of the paths just beside the tea rooms there was water gushing up from a drain or something and pumping water on the paths."

Mr McGuinness said he intends to raise the matter at Fingal County Council next week.

"The OPW has been invited into the next transportation meeting at Fingal County Council so I'll be raising the matter with them then," he said.

"The works last year were supposed to take three months but they ended up taking longer, and when they did the minister came out and said the reason it took this long was the weather.

"But this was a bizarre excuse given that the weather conditions were the mildest we'd had in winter in years.

"The works were disruptive and a lot of public money went into it. It should have been done to the highest standards, and the Minister and the OPW need to investigate this problem now."