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Phoebe (15) bullied even after her death

BULLIES continued to taunt tragic teen Phoebe Prince even after her death.

Relentless harassment by her peers is thought to have driven the pretty Irish girl to end her own life last week, and now the Herald has discovered a series of online attacks made after her death.

Although the site in question has now been removed, the Herald has seen several posts which are too vile to print.

Three investigations are under way in the US where she started school just four months ago, having emigrated from Co Clare.

Her school principal in South Hadley, Massachusetts, has confirmed that she was subjected to "insidious, harassing behaviour". "Some students made mean-spirited comments to Phoebe in school and on the way home, but also through texting and social networking sites," Dan Smith said.

It now appears that heartless teenagers continued to sully her name even in death.

A Facebook page set up as a tribute to the 15-year-old was initially flooded with condolences from all over America and Ireland but then a series of nasty messages began to appear.

The sick messages came despite a public outcry in Massachusetts over the tragedy.

While the website was still live other young people posted tributes to Phoebe who grew up Fanore, Co Clare, before moving to the US with her family last summer. Friends also hit back at the offence messages, saying: "It is disgusting, and I really hope Facebook takes it down immediately.

"Please, help report these people. This is why she felt she had to end her life."

Phoebe's family have been left devastated by her death.

They said: "Phoebe was gifted with exceptional beauty -- but that is not important. She was gifted with a sharp and creative brain -- but that is not important. She had impressive artistic talent -- but that is not important. What her family and friends from both sides of the Atlantic grieve in is the loss of the incandescent enthusiasm of a life blossoming."