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Pharmacypledges to cut cost of medicines

A DUBLIN pharmacy is pledging a roll out of cheaper medicines for customers that match prices in Northern Ireland and the UK.

Regular customers who fork out hundreds of euro a month for medicines stand to make significant savings.

This includes those who purchase cholesterol-lowering medicine, inhalers, treatment for IBS and eye drops.


The Healthwave chemist in Dundrum says the service will be available for customers who join up as annual members for a fee of €25.

Pharmacist Shane O'Sullivan intends to offer the discounts at the till in return for the yearly 'Healthpass' fee.

Mr O'Sullivan said the cost will be as much as 50pc lower because his store will primarily offer generic medicine and focus on keeping overhead costs low.

For example, a month's supply of cholesterol lowering Atorvastatin 10mg would retail at €4.95 to members compared to a typical pricetag of €10.42 in many other pharmacies – a saving of €66 over a year.

For asthma sufferers a months's supply of Montelukast 4mg would cost €4.95 compared to a normal price of €25.65 for non-members – a saving of nearly €250 in a year.

"We want to make medicines cheaper so that people do not have to travel to the North to buy them, and we would hope to get a high volume of repeat business as a result," Mr O'Sullivan said.