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Petrol thief caught after garage boss gives chase

A PETROL thief was caught after the garage owner gave chase while phoning a description in to the gardai.

Jamie Stitt (21) had driven off without paying after his passenger filled their tank with petrol.

However the owner was in hot pursuit.

Stitt was convicted of stealing €58 worth of petrol from the north Co Dublin service station. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest and sentencing.

Stitt, of Kippure Park, Finglas, had denied the theft at Hoare's Service Station, Main Street, Rush, on January 6.

The warrant was issued when he failed to appear in Dublin District Court for the hearing.

The court heard gardai in Balbriggan received a call at 10.45pm that petrol had been taken and the culprits were being followed by the garage owner.

Stitt's car was intercepted at the M1/M50 motorway interchange. Mark Hoare told the court he was sweeping the forecourt when the passenger got out and filled the car. He got back in and the car sped off.

Mr Hoare followed the car while calling the gardai. The Megane travelled at "great speed" but gardai stopped it.