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'Petrol, NCT, now these tolls... we won't be able to afford to drive'

DUBLIN motorists today reacted furiously to plans by the National Road Authority to introduce multi-point tolling on the M50.

Edel O'Sullivan (22), from Clondalkin, said she is already struggling to afford to run her car. "It's so expensive these days when you consider rising insurance and fuel costs as well as car tax," Edel (inset right) added.

"I use the M50 regularly and certainly I'd be against more tolls. But I'd feel particularly sorry for people who use it every day – and even twice per day – as part of their work. Having said that, I do think it's important to say that more tolls would encourage us to use public transport more."

All motorists that spoke to the Herald at the Red Cow Luas Park-and-Ride agreed that new tolls would prove unaffordable.

Anthony and Patricia Gielty, from Athy in Co Kildare, said they feared they would be hit hard if the NRA forges ahead with the controversial plans.

"We've been hammered enough as it is. How can they even think that we can afford more taxes," Anthony told the Herald.

"We'd make short trips to Dublin – things like going to the airport – and there's no doubt the new tolls would hit us hard," he added.

Meanwhile, Louise Dennehy (27) from West Dublin described the plans as "very concerning". "People just won't be able to afford to drive. When you take into account petrol, NCT, insurance ... I'm finding it very hard to run my car week-by-week as it is."