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Petrol bomb is third attack on same home as bitter feud spirals


A house that was shot at twice earlier this month was the target of a petrol bomb attack on Saturday night in the latest incident linked to the out-of-control Longford feud.

The petrol bomb attack happened at a property in the Edgeworthstown area shortly after 10pm on Saturday.

Extensive damage was caused to the property, but no one was injured.

"This is just the latest incident in what is an escalating situation," a senior source said last night.

Earlier this month, the Herald revealed that an innocent family were terrorised when shots were fired at the same home in the Edgeworthstown area twice in the space of just three days.

The petrol bomb attack and shooting incidents are linked to the same feud that led to a two-year-old girl being lucky to escape with her life when shots were fired into a front door as she played in a hallway of the property on Wednesday, February 12.

The gun attack at the Annaly Gardens estate in Longford town in which the toddler was almost killed is one of six linked violent attacks to happen this month in the troubled county.


Five of these incidents are suspected of being carried out by one faction, while a petrol bomb attack that happened at a property at 3am on February 14 in a housing estate in Longford is considered the other side's first retaliation.

In that incident, children were asleep in a nearby property when a caravan and car were petrol-bombed.

Then on Monday morning of last week, an innocent family were lucky not to be burned alive. They were rescued by a hero neighbour who used a ladder to save them from the blazing property.

Gardai are examining CCTV footage of the attack and believe it will help them identify the culprits.

Some footage shows the firebomber fleeing from the front of the house with his clothes on fire after he was caught with a flashback from the explosion. He can be seen rolling around on the green trying to quench the flames before escaping in a car. There have been no arrests.

Sources revealed that gardai are investigating whether last week's petrol bomb attack and the earlier shooting incident in the Annaly Gardens estate were carried out by the same criminals.

"The getaway route used after both incidents was the Athlone Road, and this is considered significant," a source told the Herald.

The Herald previously revealed that in a shocking development, around half a dozen members of one side of the Longford feud, including females, were issued with GIM forms by gardai - warning them of official threats against their lives.

The recent jailing of a number of gangsters has not eased tensions in the feud.