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Pet rabbits thrown out with the rubbish

TWO pet rabbits who were callously dumped along with rubbish on the side of a road are looking for a new home.

The rabbits, which have been named Bugs and Roger by staff at the DSPCA, are recovering following their ordeal.

And the DSPCA are hopeful that they will find a home for the two bunnies in time for Easter.

Spokesperson Miriam Kerins told the Herald that the rabbits are "not suffering from any obvious injuries".

Bugs and Roger were abandoned by a woman along with some rubbish.

"It's possible somebody got them for their kids and didn't realise that they last so long," Ms Kerins said.

"Not many people realise that rabbits can live up to 10 to 12 years."


The DSPCA is now be looking for a new home for Bugs and Roger. One of the rabbits is light in colour whilst the other one is black. The organisation is appealing for a home where there are no children under 10 as rabbits are "not suitable for small children".

"Whilst rabbits are cuddly animals, they don't particularly like being cuddled," explained Miriam.

She added that bunnies are not keen on "small, impatient fingers". She does not rule them out altogether as family pets but she does not recommend them for younger families.

They were rescued after the DSPCA received a call from a man who discovered the rabbits discarded in a box at the side of the road in Tolka Valley, Finglas. He saw the female driver dump a box at the side of the road, she then drove on a little further and dumped another one.

The man discovered the two little animals in the first box. The second box contained rubbish. The witness managed to get a description of the car, the driver and the registration. An investigation is now under way.