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Peru drug mule Michaella takes her twins for a stroll


Michaella McCollum walks with her family.

Michaella McCollum walks with her family.

Michaella McCollum walks with her family.

Peru drug mule Michaella McCollum took a stroll in the good weather yesterday with her mother and her twin boys Raphael Genie and Rio Addison in her home town of Dungannon, before doing a bit of shopping.

The convicted drug smuggler looked as if she didn't have a care in the world as she walked with her new babies and her mother Norah.

Last month, the Sunday World revealed that the 25-year-old from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, gave the newborns the unusual names after officially registering their births in May.

Documents filed with the north's General Registrar Office show the twins were born on May 8 within 13 minutes of each other.

Baby Raphael was born at 10.48pm while brother Rio came in to the world a short time later at 11.01pm.


Both were delivered at Craigavon Area Hospital, Co Armagh, and their births were registered by McCollum on May 17.

No details of the boys' father were listed on their birth certificates, suggesting the smuggler's secret romance is off, and she's raising the boys alone. The documents also show the twins will take her surname.

She was jailed for trying to traffic 11kg of cocaine out of Lima airport alongside Scot Melissa Reid in 2013, with the pair known as the 'Peru Two'.

Michaella was granted probation in 2016 and returned home. Lima-based priest Sean Walsh claimed she'd "found God" after revealing she was carrying out church work while on probation.