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'People laughed at my haircut' - barber victim

The victim of a scissors assault in a Dublin barber shop said he returned to work with his new haircut and all his colleagues were laughing at him.

Last Thursday, Hawmand Hussein (32) admitted to assaulting Asim Paracha (28) after holding a cut-throat blade to his neck in a Blanchardstown hairdressers last February.

Judge David McHugh imposed a three-month sentence suspended for six months but was left without a conviction.

Mr Paracha told the Herald that he first visited the barber last January and returned to his office afterwards.


"When I went to work my colleagues and my boss were laughing at me and asked what had happened to my hair.

"Then when I looked in the mirror and saw my hair, it was large in some parts and small in others," said Mr Paracha, who is originally from Pakistan.

It was a few days before he could return to have his hair rectified because of work commitments.

"I was busy with work and went back a few days later.

"I went to the shop and was sitting there in the chair and I said 'look this happened can you make this proper?'

"He [Mr Hussein] asked me which barber I had gone to and I said 'Excuse me this was you'," explained Mr Paracha.

It was at this point that an argument broke out in the barbers, he said.

Blanchardstown District Court heard that here was an argument and Mr Hussein became irate, holding a cut-throat blade to the victim's neck in a threatening manner.

The court also heard Mr Hussein took a pair of scissors from a shelf and held it up against Mr Paracha's throat.

Justice McHugh imposed a three-month sentence suspended for six months, saying no provocation could justify Hussein's behaviour.

The defendant, of Whitestown Grove in Blanchardstown, admitted before the court to assault and producing an article capable of inflicting serious injury at a premises in Blanchardstown on February 4.


Garda Alan Reddy said the assault was captured on CCTV but there was no audio so gardai were unable to confirm what was said between the two men.

Mr Paracha explained to this paper that while he did not go back to the barbers for a fight he wanted his hair "made proper."

"And there was nothing about the price. I didn't talk about the price and he didn't talk about the price. I didn't come in for a fight," he said.

It was after the row broke out between the pair that Mr Paracha decided to talk to gardai.

The CCTV footage contained no audio of what was said.

Mr Hussein's lawyer asked the judge to leave his client, who is a father-of-one and had never been in trouble before, without a conviction.

Imposing a three-month suspended sentence, Judge David McHugh said Mr Hussein completely over-reacted and was lucky not to be going to jail.

Efforts to contact Mr Hussein yesterday were unsuccessful.