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People in their 30s most satisfied with love lives

PEOPLE in their 30s are the group most satisfied with their love lives, a new poll shows.

However, all-in-all, Ireland's 20- to 49-year-olds are reasonably happy with their life these days as gauged by their satisfaction levels with their domestic situation, love life and general health.

A total of 59pc said they were satisfied with their home life and 58pc with their love life. And 56pc were satisfied with the state of their health.

Some 60pc of people in their 30s expressed satisfaction with their love life, but they were closely followed by those in their 20s (59pc). However, this dropped to 53pc for those in their 40s.

More than half of the respondents (53pc) across all age groups in the Herald/Today FM Behaviour and Attitudes survey expressed satisfaction with their lives as a whole.

However, significant levels of dissatisfaction exist when it comes to economic and job prospects for the future.

The statistics showed that those in their 40s expressed the bleakest view of all regarding their prospects for the future.


Overall, only one in four are satisfied with their financial situation. Those in their 30s were slightly more satisfied (28pc) than those in their 20s (27pc).

However, this figure plunged dramatically for those in their 40s – only 18pc of people in this age group said they were happy with their financial situation. When it comes to jobs and career, 35pc across all the age groups expressed satisfaction, with men in their 30s ranking highest (39pc).

People in their 30s living in Dublin were significantly happier in terms of their job and career (41pc) than those living outside the capital (34pc).

Perhaps not surprisingly, those in this age group in higher income categories expressed better levels of satisfaction (46pc) in this regard than those in lower income categories (26pc).

The Behaviour and Attitudes survey was conducted between October 18 and 24.