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'People criticise you, but I'm used to it after starring in Next Top Model'

I am so thrilled to have won Miss Universe Ireland.

It's something different because I haven't done pageants before, but I am a bit of a dolly bird and love getting dressed up and love make up and hair and all that.

This week has been incredible. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I had a photocall for the National Lottery on Tuesday, my first after winning the title and everyone has been so warm and lovely.

It's honestly made the experience so amazing.

The way I got involved in the competition was that the women who were organising Miss Cork, contacted me asking if I had any interest.

I was in Thailand at the time and the girl I was travelling with said: "Lisa you would be daft to turn it down. You would always regret it."

And my mum always taught me to take an opportunity if you are given it. I decided, "Ah I will go for it." I never thought I would win, so it was amazing.


There were two Lisas there on the day and when they said my name I assumed they meant the other Lisa and I was delighted for her, before I realised it was me.

I think Miss Universe promotes women in a really healthy way, all the girls there had very athletic figures and it was more real women at the contest, which Andrea Roche (inset below) organised.

I had to go back to college this week as I'm currently studying Dentistry in UCC and I love it. This year is great because we are in more of the clinics now so it's more hands on.

I would love to move up to Dublin but I am blessed because my grand-uncle and one of my best friends live here so I always have a place to stay and the commute isn't so bad. I will finish my five years at UCC and then I'll take it from there.

I have a boyfriend called Cian who's also from Cork, he's doing Science in UCC and this is all over his head. I think that's a good thing - if I let it all go to my head, he would be the first to let me know about it.

People tend to analyse you as a model but you have to get on with it. I try and take it as constructive criticism, sometimes people will say something and you think: "There might be truth in that."

Like if they say my eyebrows are too big or your hair is too dark. It's best to take it on the chin.

I suppose with being on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, I'm used to that criticism and am prepared for it.

It toughened me up a bit. When people were saying mean things when I was on the show, I would say, "Oh mum, why are they saying that?", but now people are going to have their opinions and that's the way it is.