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People comparing us to Westlife? That can only be a good thing for the band

TONIGHT we'll take to the stage for our biggest gig yet - supporting Shane Filan at the Live at the Marquee festival in Cork.

We're really looking forward to it but like the last concert we did at the Olympia Theatre, we'll get nervous beforehand, then the excitement kicks in and then it's all about the performance.

We met Shane before at the Pride of Ireland awards - we knew we were supporting him and he told us that he knows exactly how we're feeling and what it was like for him when Westlife were first starting out. So we had a good chat and he gave us a few tips about the industry.

Everyone compares us to Westlife, which in our eyes isn't a bad thing. They were 14 years together and sold over 40 million albums, so if we even have a fraction of their success, we'll be doing well.

There's going to be 10,000 ticket holders at the Cork gig tonight and loads of our family and friends are coming down to cheer us on, so we can't wait now. We'll do about five songs in total, so hopefully everything goes well.


We know ourselves that we have the talent - now it's about proving it to everyone else, but we're all in this for the long haul.

We've spent the past week rehearsing and going through all our songs. If you don't put the work in, that's going to show, so we're determined to get things right.

We take it in turns to go to each other's houses as the six of us live all over the country. We went to Brendan's house in Tuam on Thursday and it was Cian's house in Mayo before that.

Obviously we didn't know each other beforehand but there's a natural chemistry between us. We can all sing individually and we think our vocals are really strong.

We have signed our first record deal with RCA, which is under the Sony group, and it was a brilliant feeling. We met with the lawyers in the Four Seasons hotel and the whole thing just took a few minutes and that was it - our first record deal.

Our big news now is that we're going to fly to Sweden in a few weeks and start laying down some tracks for our first album. We can't wait for that, we all love travelling so that's going to be some experience and Sweden's a brilliant place to record. We'll be meeting up with some top writers and producers and they'll help us pick the best songs for the album.

We're also doing the panto in the Olympia this Christmas. That's going to be two weeks straight of shows, two times a day, so we'll probably feel like we've been doing it our whole lives by the end of it.