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'People asking about when I'll start a family can really hurt'

A BEAUTY consultant has pleaded with people to be sensitive when talking to newly-married couples about their pregnancy plans after revealing a molar pregnancy left her fighting for her health.

Mary Jane O'Regan (pictured), who writes a lifestyle blog under the name 'Glamity Jane', decided to speak out about her experience on the first anniversary of being diagnosed with a molar pregnancy.

A molar pregnancy, clinically known as a hydatidiform mole, occurs when tissue that normally becomes a foetus develops as an abnormal growth or tumour in the uterus.

Such a growth can prove a life-threatening condition - and can require a range of treatments including surgery and chemotherapy.

Mary Jane, who initially thought she was pregnant, said the entire experience was traumatic for both her and her husband.

"Personally, everything is still raw and when this is published, it will be one year to the day since my (treatment)," she said.

"What the future holds for me and having a family - I cannot say," she said.

"I don't honestly know, but if one more person asks about my womb I may just offer them a look at it."

Mary Jane said the experience taught her to be very careful when talking about fertility issues.


"The next time you think of asking someone whether they are thinking of starting a family - don't.

"Bite your tongue and let them offer the information first.

"There is so much suffering that people can go through where fertility is concerned."

She said she is now doing well health-wise.

"I am lucky - I didn't need chemo or any major aftercare."

Mary Jane works as a senior beauty consultant with Brown Thomas.