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People across the world have thanked me after abuse video had six million hits - Emma

Brave mum-of-two Emma Murphy has been contacted by people from all around the world to say thanks after her emotional online video.

Emma (26), posted her video (inset) on Monday, alleging that she had been physically assaulted by her ex-partner and urging victims of domestic abuse to seek help.

The video has now been viewed more than six million times worldwide.

Emma's former partner and the father of their two children, Francis Usanga (28), has admitted that he had a row with Emma, but says he pushed her and did not strike her.

He has now "gone to ground for a few days" in a bid to escape the media spotlight, according to his colleagues at his Dublin gym, FX Fitness in Santry.

Emma has said her dad's heart was broken when he saw her injured face.

"That's the way a dad should be," she said in an interview with the latest edition of the Dublin Gazette newspaper.

"I never in a million years thought that this would happen," she said of her video going viral.

"But in saying that I am proud of what's happening because I am inundated with emails, calls, people telling me they are so inspired that I have helped them, saying that they are in the same situation and wondering could I talk to them. That's amazing.

"The whole world is talking about it, where it would have been brushed under the carpet otherwise. So many people are suffering in silence."


Emma yesterday said she has been overwhelmed by the response to her homemade video.

"I needed to be a good role model for my kids and I needed the strength from somewhere and by posting the video that I did I've reached so many people," she said.

People all around the world are contacting me saying 'thank you', 'thank you'," Emma told TV3 in an interview broadcast today.

Such has been the international interest in Emma's story that she has been approached by the producers of ITV's Loose Women show in the UK with a view to appearing on the programme that has a reach of millions of viewers.

Emma encouraged anyone who might be suffering domestic abuse to stand up for themselves and seek help.

"I've realised it's a huge deal because of the amount of mails I've got from people. My best advice is to do what I did. I ran straight to my family and friends and said 'I need you all around me'," she said.

"That gave me the strength and the courage."

Emma's ex Francis Usanga claims that he didn't punch her, but did push her.

Usanga has made periodic appearances on the Today show on RTE 1 presented by Daithi O Se and Maura Derrane.

"Yes I did push her. I pushed her, I didn't punch her. It was just the force. I did sleep with someone else, but I did not punch and I absolutely did not split her head open," he said.

"I know nobody will believe me, but I am not a violent person. I never, ever want to hurt anyone."

RTE would not comment on whether or not Usanga would be making any more appearances and the Today programme is currently off the air for the summer.

A Montrose insider said Usanga's appearances were not as a regular slot.

"His last appearance was five months ago," they said.

Usanga also made a brief appearance on TV3's soap opera Red Rock, where he played a doctor.

The Ballymount broadcaster said that in circumstances where a garda investigation is ongoing it "wouldn't be appropriate" to comment on whether he would make any more appearances on the station.


"Like many others we have seen what is a very powerful video. We trust that this matter will be fully investigated," a TV3 spokesperson said.

Although Emma made a complaint to gardai about the alleged assault on her, gardai had still not met with Mr Usanga last night.

However, a senior source explained that officers intend to interview him over the coming days.

"The matter will be fully investigated," a source explained.