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Pensioner's hunt for lost chihuahua

An 85-year-old woman who is partially deaf and blind is brokenhearted after her chihuahua dog went missing.

The family of Dubliner Christine McGlone are desperate for information on Pablo, who was her constant companion.

Christine's life has been turned upside down since the 13-month-old dog went missing on Dollymount Strand.

Her daughter Ann McGlone said: "Our mother is very attached to Pablo. She has arthritic knees and every step she takes up the stairs, he gets onto the step before her and climbs up the stairs with her.

"We're offering a substantial reward and we want him back. He's an absolute beauty. He was wearing a harness and a lead."

Christine was always upbeat and cheerful lady before the incident and she brought her pet everywhere with her, according to her family, but she is now lost without Pablo.

"All my life when I've been around her she'd be singing and in good humour, but when I went to her last week she was down and she just said 'we're not meant to be happy'," Ann said.

Anyone with information can contact the family on momcglone@hotmail.com or through the Herald newsroom on 01-7055722.