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Pensioner's €20,000 life savings stolen in heartless burglary

Gardai are investigating what has been described as an "extremely cruel" crime after a 75-year-old man was robbed of his life savings when his house was broken in to.

The burglary happened at the man's home at Rutland Grove, in Crumlin, some time after he left the house at 12.45pm on Sunday and before he arrived back at the house at around 11pm.

After spending the day away from the house, the pensioner arrived back to find it ransacked.

A raider had gained entry to the property by kicking in a back door and had then proceeded to trash the property.

Around €20,000 that the man had spent his entire life saving was taken in the robbery.

Described by local sources as "an absolute gentleman", the victim is said to be deeply upset about what has happened.

"At least this unfortunate man was not in his home when it was broken in to," a source told the Herald.

"If he was, he may well have suffered the violent fate of the many recent victims of aggravated burglaries."


The incident is being investigated and no arrests have been made so far.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, a 47-year-old man tackled an intruder who had broken in to his home at Tyrconnell Road, Inchi- core, shortly after 8pm on Saturday.

Kilmainham gardai are investigating that incident in which the occupant of the house encountered a man who was armed with a screwdriver and had entered the house through a downstairs bedroom.

The householder confronted the intruder, managed to pick up a hammer and a scuffle ensued.

However, the raider did receive one blow from the hammer to his ankle before escaping back out of the window he had entered through.

Nothing was stolen in this attempted robbery.

According to figures published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) last summer, the number of burglaries and related offences dropped 1.4pc during the period from March 2013 to March this year.

However, it is believed that there has been a major increase in this type of crime in recent months.

Sources say such heartless burglaries at the homes of elderly people, in particular, are on the rise.

The Herald revealed earlier this year that an elderly deaf couple had €7,000 which was their life savings stolen from them in home on Dublin's northside.


That incident happened in June when the couple's house was ransacked and sentimental jewellery along with thousands of euro in savings were taken when their home in East Wall was targeted.

The couple have lived in the house for 45 years and have one son aged 52.

It is the second time in recent years that their home has been burgled.