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Pensioner loses €38k 'rats' case

A 68-year-old housewife has lost a €38,000 damages claim against a council for an infestation of rats which, she alleged, caused family distress for 18 years.

In the Circuit Civil Court Judge Matthew Deery said the council had done nothing wrong and that Marie Lord, who claimed that rats and mice had played in her grandchild buggy, should have taken proceedings against a neighbour.

Ms Lord, who sued South Dublin County Council for negligence and nuisance, had told the court she had found rats and mice droppings in her grandchild's pram, in her daughter's bed, and in the hot press. The case against the council was dismissed.

Twins go their separate ways

Twin sisters who had been joined at the chest are preparing to leave the hospital two weeks after surgery -- each in their own car seat.

Angelica and Angelina Sabuco have been recovering in hospital in California since their November 1 operation.

The hospital said the two-year-olds should be able to return home in the next couple of days. Angelina and Angelica were born in the Philippines and live in San Jose, California.

Up to 19 dead in road crash

As many as 19 people died and eight were injured in an accident involving two minibus taxis and a truck on South Africa's main national road, the N1.

The trailer of one minibus taxi hit the truck earlier this morning and then overturned after being rammed by the taxi travelling behind it, according to police.

Pellet gun feud attack probe

GARDAI are investigating the non-fatal shooting of a man in what is believed to be a long-simmering feud.

The man, in his late 20s, suffered injuries to his back after he was shot with a pellet gun in the Mac Uilliam Green area of Jobstown, Tallaght, yesterday.

He was taken to the Tallaght Hospital where his injuries were described as not life-threatening.

The dispute has seen a number of violent incidents including a machete attack.