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Peeping tom fears over Croke Park roof telescopes

THE GAA must install long-distance-only telescopes on Croke Park's rooftop -- to stop peeping toms spying on local residents.

Families in the vicinity of the stadium are worried about people being able to look directly into their homes through the lenses, which are being installed as part of a rooftop walkway at the stadium.

However, Dublin City Council stipulated that the proposed telescopes "shall be permanently fixed at an angle that provides for long distance and panoramic views only".

It added: "The telescopes shall not be put into use unless and until the planning authority has confirmed in writing that this has been satisfactorily achieved on site." The reason cited by the council was "in the interests of residential amenity".

The condition was one of several attached to the local authority's grant of permission for the GAA's plan to have rooftop walking tours on Croke Park.

The sporting organisation had applied to be allowed to construct a roof walkway with five viewing platforms located at the Cusack Stand, the Davin Stand and the Hogan stand.

Included in the project will be a pitch viewing cabin with reflective glass walls, as well as an abseiling facility.

The idea has been modelled on the famous Sydney Harbour bridge climb, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The tour will offer visitors panoramic views over the capital and it is hoped it will be up and running shortly.

However, customers will have to dig deep for the experience with prices predicted to be in the region of €100.

From the stadium roof, visitors will get a bird's eye view of the capital, out to Dublin Bay and the Dublin Mountains.