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Pedestrian who kicked taxi says: 'I'd do it again'

AN ANGRY pedestrian who kicked a wing mirror off a taxi alleged the driver had not given him enough time to cross the road and told a court: "I'd do it again."

Paul Daly (52), claimed that he had "good reason" to attack the cab, and told a judge traffic laws were not being enforced by the gardai or upheld by the justice system.

Daly, of St Mobhi Road, Glasnevin, denied a criminal damage charge at Dublin District Court, saying he had a legal excuse.

Finding him guilty, Judge Michael Coghlan fined him €300, ordered him to pay compensation and told him he had "issues with authority".

The court heard the incident happened at Drumcondra Road Lower at 7.45pm on May 21.

The cabbie said he had been driving two passengers in his Toyota Avensis toward the airport. The accused walked straight out in front of him at a red pedestrian light.

He jammed on his brakes and beeped his horn at the accused, who then kicked the passenger side wing mirror off his car.

This cost €140 to repair, along with €150 loss of earnings.

Legally representing himself, Daly said the lights changed when he was in the middle of the road and he kept crossing. It was a short light for pedestrians, and a long one for traffic, he said. The taxi kept coming towards him "as if it was going to drive over me," he alleged.

"I took a swing at it and as far as I know I hit a mirror," the accused said.

"I had good reason. The legislation says it is inconsequential whether I broke it or not if I had a legal excuse."

He then told the judge: "You are not upholding the traffic laws. Everything is badly done, you are not upholding the rules of the road, and the gardai are not enforcing them. It's all done on a selective basis."

Of the criminal damage incident, he said: "I wasn't quick enough to get out of his way so I took a swing at his mirror. I would do it again."