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'Pedestrian plaza' for Dame Street

DUBLIN City Council is examining proposals to have Dame Street turned into a pedestrianised plaza along with other city centre streets.

Cllr Mannix Flynn has proposed that a pedestrian forum be set up within Dublin City Council in order to promote the pedestrianisation of the city centre.

Since DCC already has a Cycle Forum, then it should start up a pedestrian forum where areas like Temple Bar, and streets around Wicklow Street and George's Street will be considered for pedestrianisation, he told the Herald.

"It would promote pedestrianising the larger parts of the city, within Nassau Street, College Green and the Temple Bar area which is pedestrian friendly but not pedestrianised."

"With the visits of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and the Irish team after the World Cup, the whole of Dame Street became a massive plaza, and I think we should begin to make provisions for this."

Cllr Flynn says a pedestrian month where pedestrian issues and the value of pedestrianisation are promoted would be a positive move for the city.

"It would be very, very good for the economy and extremely good for people's well being. The parks in Dublin close rather early in the winter time and Phoenix Park is that bit of a distance away so a pedestrian plaza would be the way forward."

"A lot of the business community want to see it happen with the back-up of public transport."

Meanwhile, Deputy Lord Mayor Edie Wynne said: "If planners can do proper planning for it, I would look favourably at it. If people can come fairly close to those streets with public transport and go to the restaurants and do their shopping, then it could work."

Cllr Mary Freehill agreed: "We've got to hear whether it's possible. It's not just a case of something looking well. I'd like to look at all aspects like deliveries for businesses, access to Grafton Street and into Wicklow Street and what the aspects are for that."

"Pedestrianisation is always desirable, provided it's possible."