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Pauline 'too sad' for Father Ted TV tribute

ACTRESS Pauline McLynn has revealed that it would have been too upsetting to relive memories of Father Ted without Dermot Morgan.

Pauline, who played Mrs Doyle in the show, declined an invitation to travel to the west of Ireland for the documentary over the festive season.

She said she has fond memories of the show, but that since the deaths of Dermot Morgan and producer of the show Geoffrey Perkins, she couldn't face going over old footage again.

"Some of you were wondering why I didn't take part in the documentary on Father Ted," she said. "I am utterly proud of that show and I love it still (and Mrs Doyle).

"Anyhow, I have spoken at length over the years about the show and really didn't think I had anything more to add to that."

And Pauline (48) said the documentary wouldn't have been complete without input from the late actor and producer. "On top of which I have such happy memories of Ted that to have gone down the West without Dermot Morgan and Geoffrey Perkins would have been too sad," she said.


"I didn't think any documentary could be 'definitive' without them anyhow."

In addition, she said she is filming for Shameless on Channel 4 in Manchester.

"So, all of the above led to me not taking part," she added.

Writing on her blog, Pauline said the last year had been a difficult one for her on a personal level.

"I must say I am delighted to see the back of 2010 which has to have been the worst year of my life, although some truly great things happened within it and I realised I have many wonderful and loyal friends and family. Time to move on though and hooray for that."