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Paul Curran: Andy was there for victories and the losses, that was the mark of the man


Dublin County Board Chairman Andy Kettle

Dublin County Board Chairman Andy Kettle

Dublin County Board Chairman Andy Kettle

The first thing that comes to mind about Andy Kettle was the unbelievable pride that he took in his job.

He represented his county with pride, he brought great passion to the GAA in Dublin, driving it all from the top down.

Andy was everywhere he should have been, all the time.

He was enthusiastic about hurling and football in equal measure.

Needless to say he hugely enjoyed the last few years, when Dublin's footballers and hurlers enjoyed their successes.

This is no surprise, because the game was in Andy's blood. He came from a part of north Dublin where they're mad about their football.


Of course he played football too, in his younger days, lining out with Fingal Ravens.

He was never far from club football. In fact it says a great deal about him that when my club Ballymun Kickhams were going through their run in 2012 he was back in the Autobahn pub the night we won the senior championship.

But Andy returned on the night, a few months later, when we lost the All-Ireland final by a point.

That was the mark of the man, to be there on the night of the defeat as well as the victory.

In person he was as down-to-earth as you could get and very easy to deal with.

He was just a good guy, and a good chairman.

The highlights of his tenure were the 2011 and 2013 All-Ireland wins and Dublin's first Leinster senior hurling championship.

But he was there for them all, the successes we had in the League, the big wins for the minors and the under 21s too.

Andy Kettle was chairman for the most successful period in Dublin GAA history.

He will be missed, at all levels and across both codes.