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Patient roared abuse at clampers

A CHARITY shop volunteer roared and shouted abuse and insults at clampers and at gardai after his car was clamped when he ran into a clinic to pick up the results of a scan.

Eric Moir (20) said he had spent the day in Beaumont Hospital, was extremely tired, and thought the clampers were "heavy-handed" as he was only in the clinic for a few minutes.

He apologised to the court for his behaviour.

A judge left Moir, who volunteers in Oxfam, without a conviction after he donated €200 to the Sunshine Children's Hospice Fund.

Moir, of Ferryman's Crossing, Seville Place, Dublin, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour.

The incident took place at the Rockfield Apartments, Sandyford Road, on March 3.

The court heard that Moir has no previous convictions.

John Neville, defending, said Moir had been in Beaumont Hospital for an MRI scan and then drove over to the VHI Clinic in Sandyford to collect the results of another scan. Mr Neville said he parked at Rockfield Apartments, which he thought was a free parking area.

When he came out of the clinic he discovered his car had been clamped and got very upset at this.

Mr Neville said Moir was extremely tired when the incident occurred.

He said that Moir realised his behaviour towards the gardai and the clampers was uncalled for and said the incident was a one-off.

The court heard Moir has had personal difficulties but is now on a FAS course. Judge Bridget Reilly said she would leave him without a conviction if he donated €200 to charity.