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Patience pays off for €500k granny


There were two Irish winners in the EuroMillions Plus

There were two Irish winners in the EuroMillions Plus

There were two Irish winners in the EuroMillions Plus

A Dublin granny's patience in queuing up to buy a lottery ticket paid off - to the tune of €500,000.

The woman and her husband, both retired, collected their winnings from last Friday's EuroMillions Plus draw at Lotto Headquarters yesterday.

However, the win almost didn't happen, as the wife explained that a queue at Ticketron in the Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght made her think twice.

"I was a bit tired when I joined the queue and I was in no humour for the wait," she said.

"There were three people in front of me and I was about to walk away when one person got served and I just thought, 'Ah, sure I may as well stick with it now'.


"My God - when you think of it. Imagine if I had stepped out and got a ticket in the local shop later on? It wouldn't be the two of us sitting here in the winners' room."

The delighted couple, who want to remain anonymous, plan to use their windfall to help their children with their mortgages and to make their retirement more comfortable in the years ahead.

"We are both retired and have our own mortgage cleared off so it really is a lovely amount to win," said the husband.

"We can help our kids and grandkids out with a few bits and pieces in the coming years.

"As for ourselves, we're both happy and healthy so it will be nice to have a little extra to spend on a holiday whenever we need to, but you never know what's around the corner, so it's nice to have this to keep our minds at ease."

The couple were one of two Irish winners of last Friday's EuroMillions Plus draw, each winning €500,000.

The other winning ticket was sold in Co Tipperary, but the lucky punter has yet to come forward to claim their winnings. The ticket was sold at the XL Prior Park Service Station in Clonmel.

The winning numbers were 4, 8, 10, 17 and 38. Last week's EuroMillions jackpot wasn't won, so tonight's will be €60m.