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Pat and Sean both claim victory in battle for listeners

SHOTS were fired from both sides in the radio wars as both Newstalk's Pat Kenny and RTE's Sean O'Rourke claimed a cautious victory.

Pat Kenny went one step further in the battle by suggesting he was responsible for some of rival O'Rourke's gains on his RTE Today Show in the latest JNLR figures before leaving RTE.

With an audience of 334,000 the RTE Today show with Sean O'Rourke was up 6,000 listeners, book-on-book and 13,000 year on year.

"I went in there without a lot of notice or warning and the numbers didn't just hold up, they increased," Sean O'Rourke said.

"We have to be pleased. That said we're not breaking out the champagne because its early days."


Sean took over the Today Show on September 2.

Listeners had been repeatedly asked to 'move the dial' and rival Pat Kenny said the figures of 78,000 for the first month of his show on Newstalk proved that fans were doing just that.

"The graph is up and I'm only four weeks in. But it's early days and no one is going to know anything for at least a year," Pat Kenny told the Herald.

The former Late Late Show host said as the rise for the RTE Today show covered July before his departure, he could claim some of the credit.

However, although Kenny's Newstalk listenership is 78,000, compared to Tom Dunne who attracted 51,000 this time last year, the Pat Kenny Show is 30 minutes longer.

Both O'Rourke and Kenny said they looked forward to the January JNLR figures.