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Passport row holds up thug's holiday

A LIMERICK gangland thug has had his holiday plans thrown up in the air because of the passport workers' dispute.

According to reports, Wayne Dundon (32) had planned a two-week trip to Mexico following his release from prison but those plans have been scuppered by events on Molesworth Street.

Steve Collins, who has been threatened by the McCarthy-Dundon crime syndicate, was stunned when he came face to face with Dundon at Roxboro Garda Station as he was looking for a passport application.

"I saw him as he was walking out of Roxboro Garda Station on Monday," Mr Collins said.

"He was in there getting passport application forms."

Dundon, who was released from Wheatfield prison last week Friday, has returned to Limerick after finishing five years of a seven-year jail sentence for threatening to kill barman Ryan Lee, an associate of Roy Collins.