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Party woman survives 20ft hotel plunge

An English partygoer escaped with her life when she plunged around 20 feet from a Temple Bar hotel window while celebrating her birthday.

Kerry Ward (32) was in Dublin on the night of Saturday, February 6, celebrating a 30th birthday party when she fell from the Temple Bar Hotel on Fleet Street.

The woman was seriously injured in the incident, which occurred at around 4.30am on the Sunday morning, and she is believed to have sustained a fractured skull and a broken arm.

Ms Ward, who is a teacher from Wigan, Lancashire, was rushed to St James's Hospital where she remained for the past two weeks, putting a damper on the celebrations with her friends.

She was discharged from hospital yesterday and is now believed to have arrived home to Britain to recuperate.

Shocked onlookers saw Ms Ward take the plunge from the hotel window and called 999 immediately.

A spokeswoman for Temple Bar Hotel confirmed that Ms Ward fell from the hotel but she refused to comment on the incident since it is currently under investigation.

"There was an investigation involving a girl but it's now under investigation with the gardai," she told the Herald.

A source who works in another hotel on Fleet Street heard a commotion outside when emergency services arrived to rescue the woman.

She said: "We don't know what happened but there was blood on the ground."

Another said: "There was a lot of blood and she was taken to hospital."

A garda spokesperson told the Herald that gardai are still trying to get the full facts of the situation and they have yet to interview Ms Ward herself about the events.

"The gardai at Pearse St, Dublin are investigating an incident which occurred outside a hotel in Temple Bar at approximately 4.30am.

"The 32-year-old woman was discovered with a head injury and was removed to St James's Hospital for treatment."

Gardai are ruling out foul play in the incident as there was no indication at the time that the woman had been attacked.

The fall happened while Ms Ward and her friends' celebrations were in full swing.