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Party frenzy teen spat in garda's face

A teenager went berserk at a family party over the Christmas period, smashing plates and damaging a back door because he felt his sister's boyfriend had been disrespectful towards her, a court heard.

Michael Curry (19) also spat in the face of a garda when he was arrested.

He apologised unreservedly for his behaviour, saying he had a lot to drunk and became agitated at the behaviour of his sister's boyfriend.

Curry, of Huntstown Woods, Blanchardstown, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to two charges of criminal damage, as well as assaulting a garda.

The incident took place at his sister's home at Summerfield Green, Blanchardstown, on December 30, 2009.

Garda Sgt Damien Galligan said gardai were called to the house shortly after 6am following reports that there had been a row at a party.

Sgt Galligan said Curry was very drunk, and following an argument he'd smashed plates belonging to his sister.


He also took the sliding door at the back of the house off its hinges and smashed a rear light on his sister's car.

Sgt Galligan said Curry was very violent and had to be restrained by his mother, father, sister and her boyfriend.

He continued to be violent towards gardai and spat in the face of Garda Conor Mallen when he was arrested.

The court was told that that Curry has no previous convictions.

Simon Fleming, defending, said Curry wanted to apologise for his behaviour, saying he became agitated as he believed his sister's boyfriend had been disrespectful towards her.

Mr Fleming said Curry had a lot to drink and was very drunk, but did not want to blame alcohol for his behaviour.

The court heard that Curry has arranged to compensate his family for the damage he caused.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell ordered the defendant to pay €250 to Cystic Fibrosis Research, and said he would strike out the matters if the compensation was paid.