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Parking ban part of new plan for motorists on Dollymount

CARS are set to be banned from Dollymount beach under new proposals - but not until next year.

At the moment people can drive onto the beach via the Bull Wall entrance to the popular strand (inset).

An environmentally-friendly car park has been proposed beside the Royal Dublin Golf Club to accommodate beachgoers, and there will be limited parking for wheelchair users and a set-down area also.

Those who drive onto the beach will be able to do so for this summer season as plans to change the parking arrangements are due to go for public consultation.

The Causeway Road entrance to the beach will also undergo changes and will be widened to allow for extra parking along the road.

An area near the beach at this end will be redeveloped into a set-down area which will include picnic tables.

There is also scope to develop a small playground and a tearoom there.

Wheelchair ramps onto the sand will be built at both ends of the beach to accommodate beachgoers with mobility issues.

Last summer, a parking ban on the beach was introduced at the request of gardai when a woman was involved in an accident and an ambulance struggled to get to her.

The proposal to make the parking ban permanent was initially met with resistance locally.

Elderly people are among those who take advantage of the capital's only drive-on beach.

It is hoped that the new plans will accommodate all users of the popular bathing spot.

Under the proposed traffic management plan there is scope for people to apply for permits to drive onto the beach in winter.