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Park in city for just €1 an hour for Christmas

PARKING in Dublin's city centre on weekends over the festive period will cost just €1 per hour under a new initiative.

Dublin City Council has introduced the new fees to tempt shoppers back into town.

The city centre retailers have suffered in previous years as consumers opt for shopping centres in the suburbs which provide cheaper parking.

But now anyone can park in on-street car parking spaces for just €1 per hour every Saturday and Sunday in December in the core trading area in the city.

The new offer gives a reduction of €1.90 per hour on Saturdays and €0.40 on Sundays.

It would provide savings of €5.70 on a three-hour shopping trip on a Saturday.

The facility will be in place on more than 800 on-street parking spaces and a special sticker has been put on parking meters where the offer applies.

Motorists who sign up for the Parking Tag will have the facility available in a wider area.