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'Parisian women are unfriendly', says Jessica O'Gara


Ronan and Jessica O'Gara

Ronan and Jessica O'Gara

Ronan and Jessica O'Gara

Ronan and Jessica O'Gara have opened up about their life in France, saying they haven't made that many friends since they moved over in 2013.

The former Ireland international, who now works as a coach with Racing 92, is based in Paris with his wife Jessica and their five children.

But the couple have said that it hasn't been the easiest settling-in period for them, with Jessica saying the Parisian women were "so unfriendly".

"Not all of them. But the Parisians are worse than the rest of France and the rest of France would say that about the Parisians," she said.

"There can be some ladies, mothers of kids in school, who I would say 'Bonjour' to and they would barely give you a smile.

"But then other ones would be very friendly. I would just always be nice anyway."

Jessica, a primary school teacher, said their family unit had gotten stronger as a result because there are "no distractions" over there.

"It's great for me," said Ronan (39). "I go to work and I come home and no one ever calls to our house because we don't have any friends over there."

Speaking about his wife, he said: "Jessica is a great mother, she doesn't try and get away from her kids."


Their children initially struggled to fit in too, crying every morning for the first few months.

"It was awful. You'd see them going in the morning and they would be crying and they wouldn't be talking to anyone, just standing on their own in the school yard," she said.