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Parents worried about children as halloween looms


Concern: Illegal bonfires are particularly dangerous

Concern: Illegal bonfires are particularly dangerous

Concern: Illegal bonfires are particularly dangerous

more than half of Irish parents are concerned for their children's safety this Halloween.

A total of 51pc of mums and dads said they are worried about their children who will be out and about this Friday night, according to new research.

The figure rises to 61pc in Dublin, and in the Eurospar survey it was found that fathers were more protective than mothers.

Even though parents are worried about their children's safety, 71pc still plan on allowing them to go out trick or treating.


The study also found that resourcefulness and not cash will go into this year's costumes.

Around 23pc of parents will not spend a penny on outfits, 9pc will make their children's costumes from scratch and 14pc will recycle old ones.

One-third of mums and dads will spend up to €20 on their children's rig-out and only 8pc will pay more than €30 for a ready-to-wear Halloween outfit.

Parents' concerns are backed up by the fact that Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year for Dublin Fire Brigade and the other emergency services, and Dublin City Council has urged people to stay safe this weekend.

"Remember, all bonfires are illegal and cause destruction and damage in communities. Fireworks are also potentially very dangerous and are only legal when part of a licensed fireworks display," said a spokesperson for the council.

However, in recent years the number of call-outs that the fire brigade and emergency services have had to respond to has decreased.

The number-one thing the council is asking citizens to do is to report stockpiled bonfire material.

Anyone who sees tyres or timber pallets suspected for bonfire use can visit the council's website to report the find or tweet the hashtag #dubsafehalloween.

A host of ghoulish events has been organised across the capital to keep children and parents occupied, entertained and safe.

A parade of ghosts and creatures has been organised in Ballymun. It leaves Burren Court at 5.30pm on Friday and ends up in the Civic Plaza where a fireworks display will take place. Another fireworks display is organised for Darndale and starts in Darndale Park at 6pm .


In Kilbarrack a fancy dress party is being held in Scoil Eoin from 3pm until 6pm to get children ready for a night of trick or treating.

The sky in Kilbarrack will also come alight with rockets and sparklers as there is a fireworks display at Roseglen football pitch at 7pm.

Another Halloween parade is taking place in Ringsend and leaves Irishtown Stadium at 3.30pm.

The fun doesn't end on Friday night. An especially spooky event is being held in the crypt in Christ Church Cathedral, with tales of witchcraft being read from 2.30pm.