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Parents watched in horror as baby taken

THE baby stolen by car thieves in Dublin was driven off in full view of his mother and father, the Herald can reveal.

The infant's godmother, who also watched the thieves drive away with the baby boy, said she could hardly believe what she had witnessed.

The seven-month-old boy was asleep on the back seat of his father's car when it was stolen on Sunday night.

A 28-year-old woman living in a ground-floor flat in Mulhuddart has described the heart-stopping moment when the baby was driven off at high speed.

"The thief obviously didn't realise there was a baby on the back seat," she said. "I just couldn't believe it."

Gardai are continuing to hunt for the culprits.

The drama unfolded when the baby's mother, also 28, visited her friend in Avondale Park on Sunday night.

She had left her three children in the care of her fiance at their home in the nearby Warrenstown area.

The friend, who is the baby's godmother, said they decided to open a bottle of wine, but her corkscrew broke and they telephoned the baby's father to drive over with a corkscrew.

The father (31) put the baby in the back of the car and arrived with the corkscrew at about 9.45 pm.

She said: "When he pulled up outside, we opened the sliding doors of my apartment and walked out to the fence.

"He got out and left the engine running as he walked just a couple of metres to hand the corkscrew to us.

"Suddenly, a fella hopped into the car. I remember seeing the headlights of the car reversing away from us and then he just sped off.

"It was terrible. The father ran after the car as fast as he could. He ran and ran and ran. The mother was in a panic. I rang the guards and they had a load of cars out looking straight away.

"I didn't know where the father ended up: he had left his phone inside the car so we couldn't contact him.

"Within 15 minutes the guards found the car abandoned down the road. The baby was safe and asleep in the back.


"Two guards arrived to pick up the baby's mother and take her down to the car where the baby was.

"The little boy, my godson, was fine. Wasn't even crying. I don't think he noticed too much what happened. The gardai did a great job," she said.

"I'm really angry about what happened. The cheek of someone to do something like that. The three of us were all close to the car when he stole it. The audacity of it!"