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Parents warned of medicine spoon dangers

A warning about baby medicine spoons, baby care kits and a pacifier which deliver doses of liquid medicine to babies and young children has been issued by the Irish Medicines Board.

The products sold under the "Ezy Dose" label have been distributed to pharmacies.

The board says the range of products, used to give medicines more easily to children, are "non compliant" and do not carry the CE mark".

"It cannot be guaranteed that these products have been manufactured to the appropriate standards", says the board, which points out that they may not reach safety standards required by the EU.


It advises all consumers to stop using the Ezy Dose Baby Care Kits, Ezy Dose Pacifier Syringe Nursers, Ezy Dose Medicine Spoons and Flents Paediatric Urine Collectors

"If you find that you have one of these devices, discontinue use immediately and seek an alternative. Consumers with health concerns should consult with their general practitioner."

Pharmacists are being asked to stop sales of the liquid medicine dispensers and to quarantine all stock.

The IMB is also asking pharmacists to take similar precautions with any other similar brands of dosage spoons, droppers or medicine feeders that do not carry the CE mark and its four-digit Notified Body number.