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Parents shocked at horror outside Little Rainbows

A STEADY stream of stunned parents arrived at the Little Rainbows creche to collect their children, following the shooting of Declan Smith yesterday.

They were trying to come to terms with the news that a man was shot in the face right outside where their children were being cared for.

Declan 'Fat Deccy' Smith was shot in the face from close range by a lone gunman at 9am.

Chaotic scenes followed as paramedics fought to stop the bleeding and Smith was transferred to Beaumont Hospital.

One grandmother, who lives not far from the childcare facility on Hollywell Avenue, told the Herald that she was shaking after she heard the news as her two grandchildren attend the creche.

"It's hard to believe that someone could unload a gun outside a creche like that," she said.

"There were kids inside. They could have seen it or been hurt."

However, it is believed the children were so small – from six months to school going age – that they were unaware of the brutal and bloody nature of the attack.

Staff members immediately called all parents of the children to reassure them that all the infants attending the facility were safe.

By late afternoon, a bloodied grey jumper was all that was left of the shooting.


The front of the creche remained cordoned off as gardai undertook a technical examination of the scene.

Windows at Little Rainbows were blacked out, protecting the youngsters from the gruesome scene outside.

Parents were asked to collect their children from the side of the building so that they wouldn't see gardai at work.

By 6pm last night the crime scene had been completely tidied up.

Parents will, understandably, now just want to put the entire incident behind them and their children.